Custom area rugs


Here’s what you'll get with custom area rugs

Custom area rugs can be an essential addition to any home, especially in areas where you need a little something extra. These pieces not only add an extra touch of visual embellishment but can protect your flooring in many ways as well. It’s the perfect way to add these elements where needed without overdoing them.

Area rugs can make a world of difference

Area rugs can do so much, especially when customized for your specific needs. For instance, if you have a décor scheme that seems to be missing just a little something, a great rug can be just the feature to connect every element. Add a neutral spot to play down a visually active room, or create a large, eye-appealing piece in spaces that are a bit lacking in appearance.

Sometimes rugs can protect you from wear and damage, particularly in busy rooms that are highly traveled. They work to trap and hold dirt and debris, which keeps it from scratching and marring the surface of hard flooring or creating a dingy appearance in the carpet. Placing an area rug underneath heavy furniture prevents dents and scratches, leaving your floors better looking for more extended periods.

A customized rug is one that you create, including fibers, shapes, sizes, and embellishments that make it all your own. For instance, you can add the perfect binding to any custom project, including a simple binding tape, a serged edging, or fringe, for the ideal final touch.

One of the best features of these materials is that they can so easily be moved. Whether you want to move them to a different space to create a new look, or you want to take them up for professional cleaning or repair, it's an easy task. You'll find they last a long time when properly cared for, so you can enjoy them for years to come.



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